Imposed Isolation

How are you? How are you, really? This entire situation is unprecedented. I honestly had no idea how to address it. Or even if I should say something at all. It seems COVID-19 has caused some form of chaos for all of us. Some of us are learning what it’s like to be a stay at home mom while working from home, some of us have been laid off, some of us are being overworked to meet the demands of a nation in despair and some of us are actually sick. Is it safe to say we’re all scared or in the very least unsure? I know I am. Two weeks ago my life had a rhythm and this week I can’t seem to find my footing. Every morning I have to choose to find the beauty in all of this and some days I have to remind myself that dozens of times. But the truth is, there is still beauty.

All around the world at this very moment each and every one of us are experiencing a different version of the same thing. If this scary situation has shown us anything, it’s how truly connected we all are. And I think that is beautiful.

I shared that on social media just a few days ago and I’ve taken great solace in it. What is helping you through these trying times? Can you find the beauty in this imposed isolation? Can you find ways to connect while social distancing? Can you make the choice to not only survive these uncertain times but to thrive during them? I think you can. Actually, I know you can.

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