Ellie’s First


She sat there in denial
Watching her daughter deteriorate
Waiting, wishing for a miracle that would never come
Emmett sat beside her, holding her hand, staying strong because that’s his job as the man
Deep inside rage engulfed him
But he’d never let her know
And he’d never let it show
“These things just happen…these things just happen…these things just happen”
The doctors words echoing over and over and over again
Her pregnancy was perfect
Labor and delivery was easy
She was beautiful baby, happy and healthy
Until she wasn’t
May 17th at 7:45am
That’s when their nightmare began
She woke up cooing
It was time to nurse
To her mother she would cling
Listening to her father sing
They spent hours doting over her
She was perfect, of this they were sure
“She’s so beautiful when she’s sleeping…Wait…Ellie? Is she…Ellie! She’s not breathing!”
To the hospital they raced
The doctors tried everything
But it was already too late
Fifteen days ago they held her for the first time
And on day fifteen Ellie held her as she died
Fifteen days
That’s how long they had with their daughter
That’s how long they were able to enjoy their Ella
May 17th at 5:45pm
The same day and time Emmett’s life would end
But we’re not there yet my friend

The Mask


People are never who they appear to be
We all wear masks to show who we want others to see
But in doing so we lose ourselves unknowingly
We take a mask and place it on our face
Allowing ourselves to enter into a new state
For each person in our view we shape and mold someone new
All while leaving behind little bits of what is true
Using partial pieces that cannot fully mend
Creating and conjuring whatever we can
These new mixtures help us to pretend
To portray this ongoing play
These temporary roles that never seem to fade
Line for line
Word for word
Never missing a cue
Failing to realize that we’re losing what is true
These characters are more than a state of mind
It’s a trap and we cannot escape
All these masks will seal our fate
Because even when every role is done
We’ll never remember who we were before it begun